I want to show you extraordinary fabric. Persempra is made in Italia, where I come from. On this fabric you can spill coffee, wine, juice or other drinks, you can even drop food and everything will clean out nicely! Just collect the stuff with a clean towel, if needed spray with water and dry, depending on the stain, but I will explain everything later.

Why do I love Persempra just as the Bistecca alla Fiorentina by mia mamma? Because I don't have to worry about stains. I can drink my favourite espresso and eat my pizza without trouble. I can also sit with Ala, mio amore, and we can drink our favourite wine without worrying about spilling. With Persempra, I can always be relaxed at home. And when our amici arrive, we can have a good time and a crazy night, we can even dance on the couch until the wee hours of the morning!

You are going to love Persempra just as I do... but look what else it can do! Then go to a good furniture store and check it out. You will be surprised how nice and soft it feels. Because the purpose of Persempra is to make sure that you are comfortable and have a good time!

Marco Bartollini




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tkanina PERSEMPRA 07
colour: brown
tkanina PERSEMPRA 14
colour: grey

Do you relax and have fun on your couch? The fabric it is made of must reflect your needs and lifestyle.

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all kinds of stains from Persempra.

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